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Our approach is unique. We've fine-tuned it through years of expertise in supporting a variety of private, public and for-hire carriers, both local and over-the-road. We work with each customer to determine specific needs relative to fleet maintenance and leasing. Than, we establish a program engineered precisely to your usage that reduces cost, increases fleet up time and ultimately exceeds your expectations.


A full-service lease helps you with the total control of your fleet operations and cost. Leoni NationLease becomes an extension of your team, on call 24/7 - allowing you more time to focus on satisfying your customers. Leoni NationLease will find the right vehicle and financing with a complete maintenance program to have you operating a safe and fully compliant fleet. Leoni NationLease helps you operate the best fleet in the business, period.

Contact Raza Mooraj for all information on Leoni NationLease

at: 313-386-0100 Ext: 237


Four Star Transportation unique partnership with Owner Operators has been a fundamental reason for the success we have experienced throughout our history. During this growth and success, we have learned - and continue to learn - how to be a better partner with an Owner Operator and how to maximize our relationship so that everyone benefits.

Our speciality as a company is flatbed, but we believe that we also specialize in helping an Owner Operator and all of our drivers to be the best they can be. If you're able to bring your equipment, we'll provide the rest. We've built successful relationships in the past based on mutual benefits for an Owner Operator and our company, and this will only continue to grow into the future.

Please call our Driver Resources Department to hear about all the possibilities as well as requirements for leasing.

Call 1-800-521-9001 Ext: 241 or fill out our on-line info form so we may contact you